The card game named "truco" is really famous in the South America and played by millions of people around the world. It is played in a friend's meeting, family meeting, parties, barbecues and it is always a good time to spend on weekends. So playing "truco" is always a fun. "Truco" does not have any universal rules, so following rules have been created as used nowadays

The Game

Number of players: 2 or 4 players (2 as pair).
Total of cards in the game: 1 pack of cards, except jokers and the cards 8, 9 and 10.
Start of the game: each player will receive 3 cards.

Game Target

The dispute is won by the "best of three", and game is finished when a couple obtains 12 points or exceeds, based in bluff and without money's bet.

Players and position

This kind of game can be played with 2 or 4 people. In a couple game each one have your own cards, and have own games on the table, and each couple play against the other. Each player sits face to face in the table. In a 4 people game, each pair has its own cards. Each player positioned face to face with his partner (player 1, player 2, player 1 partner and player 2 partner).

"Truco" Expressions

Manilhas - manilhas are the cards of the next number of the one who was trumped at the beginning of the round. For example: if you trumped a 2, the manilha will be the 3s. Then, the strength of each manilha depends on the suit, which follows (strongest to weakest): clubs (zap), hearts (copas), spades (espadilha), diamonds (pica-fumo).

Round - Each round could have a sequence of 2 or 4 rounds (it depends on the player's quantity on the round), and each player play one card.

Hand - Composed of two to three rounds, and initially worth 1 point, or up to 12 points as the game. The dispute is the best of 3 games.

Truco - proposal to increase the point value of the hand (may be for 3, then at 6, 9 and finally to 12 in this sequence).

Eleven's hand - When a player (or couple) has (have) 11 points. At this moment, both players or couple could not ask truco, and the match begins worth 3 points for the opponent couple.

Iron's hand - When both parties are on 11 points and whoever wins the Iron's hand, wins. The round is played on the same way, but the players could not see their own cards ("the dark" - the player does not view the card before throwing it and when discard, will play the cards with the face up for all see it).

Cover Card. - played card face down. Only in the 2nd and the 3rd round is allowed to use this tactic. The cover card is not worth anything.

Marreco/Pato (Duck) - During the game, the losers are called patos or marrecos.

Zap na testa (Forehead zap) - When you have the strongest card in the game (the Zap) in order to show your complete happiness for winning the final round you scream "Zap na testa!" and smash the card directly to the opponent's forehead.

Cards Order - The 4 card's is the lowest and the 3 is the strongest, regardless of the suit. The order of the cards is 4, 5, 6, 7, Q, J, K, A, 2, 3 (from lowest to highest).

The order of the suits of the "manilhas" - (from lowest to highest): diamonds (pica-fumo), spades (espadilha), hearts (escopeta), and clubs (zap).

Manilhas nickname's: :

Clubs Zap
Hearts Copeta
Spade Espadilha
Diamonds Pica-fumo


After the distribution of the cards, turns up a card (the "turns") and the following card in the 4 different suits are the "Manilhas". The "manilhas" are the strongest cards and decisive on the game, even stronger than the 3. Among them the order to "force" is defined according to the suit, as follows (from highest to lowest):

Clubs > Hearts > Spade > Diamonds.

How to play

After the "manilha" be revealed, starts a hand, worth 1 point. The hands are made on, until one of two players or one of the couple reaches 12 points. The eleventh hand starts to worth 3 points. In an iron hand, the round is played the same way, but the players could not see their cards ("the dark").

When a player ask Truco for another player (request to "increase bet"), this could accept Truco and the round is going to worth 3 points or could run, stopping the round and losing 1 point, or you could ask for six, bringing the stake to 6 points. Just when you request the six, the answers could be: accept, or ask to run nine. This can continue until someone asks the twelve, where the answers could only be: accept or run (it does not exist fifteen since the game goes up to 12 points).

Reminder: The player or couple who calls Truco cannot ask for six, this rule also applies to the bet of nine and twelve.

 In the event of a tie - it can happen when one or more rounds remain tied, then the reule is the following:

- If the tie is on the first round, who makes a second, wins.
- If the tie is on the second round, who won the first, wins.
- If the draw is on the first and second round, who makes the third, wins.
- If the tie is on the third round, who won the first, wins.
- If all three rounds are tied, no one point mark.

The game ends, when a player or a couple completes 12 points.